bradley kopp


Bradley's professional services include:

  • Record producer

  • Recording engineer

  • Protools audio editor

  • Singer Songwriter

  • Composer

  • Arranger

  • Guitarist

  • Bassist

  • Film score composer

  • Jingle writer

  • Sound effects editor

A little info about Redboot Ranch...

Redboot Ranch is a digital multitrack production studio featuring the Protools hard disc recording and editing system by Avid, long recognized as the industry standard in audio production. The studio also features Lynx Aurora 24 bit 192kHz converters, Grace Design, Demeter and Warm Audio mic pre’s, Neuman, AKG, Audix, Beyer, and Shure microphones, Aphex, Warm Audio, DBX, FMR, and Behringer, compressors, vintage Urie EQ's, Lexicon and T.C Electronics reverbs, and Waves plugins.

Bradley's technical philosophy is to utilize vintage analog gear and tracking technique with the advanced editing and mixing techniques afforded by the nonlinear editing environment of Protools.

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